#MadeinAmeriCorps – Ana

This week, we are highlighting AmeriCorps Iowa members. Follow us all week to learn more about how AmeriCorps members #getthingsdone.

AmeriCorps Program(s): RefugeeRISE AmeriCorps

Are you a current AmeriCorps member or alumni? Current member

What were you doing before joining AmeriCorps? Full time student

Who encouraged you to join AmeriCorps and what advice did they offer? Project IOWA – they suggested this as a solution to a need for experience as well as earning a small living stipend while in school

Why did you decide to join AmeriCorps? I wanted to help people.

What has made your AmeriCorps experience meaningful and worthwhile? Working at my host site and learning from my coworkers, spending time up at the Capitol advocating for my program, and spending time with clients to help them lead more fulfilling lives.

What advice would you give someone interested in joining AmeriCorps? Absolutely join if you can! It isn’t for everyone, because if you have a family to support it won’t be very easy due to the small living stipend. If you are young and are trying to figure out what to do with your life, this is an excellent option to pursue.

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