#MadeinAmeriCorps – Brandy Case Haub

This week, we are highlighting AmeriCorps Iowa members. Follow us all week to learn more about how AmeriCorps members #getthingsdone.

AmeriCorps Program(s): Green Iowa AmeriCorps – Sustainable Schools (current); Youth Service Momentum AmeriCorps (alum)

Are you a current AmeriCorps member or alumni? Both

What were you doing before joining AmeriCorps? Working as a program manager for a local refugee-serving non-profit and running an AmeriCorps planning grant for that agency.

Who encouraged you to join AmeriCorps and what advice did they offer? I wanted to do AmeriCorps again because I had such great experience the first time I served.

Why did you decide to join AmeriCorps? AmeriCorps has been a way for me to break into a whole new field that is different than what I studied in college and graduate school. It’s a great way to jump in, on the ground, and get hands on experience with direct service related to an area I want to build my skills in.

What has made your AmeriCorps experience meaningful and worthwhile? AmeriCorps service is what you make of it. If you utilize that time to network and build community partnerships, you can build your professional network and when your service time ends, you will find yourself in a whole new world of opportunities to jump into thanks to the time spent serving.

What advice would you give someone interested in joining AmeriCorps? You can do anything for a year! Even if it’s hard, even if there are challenges, your eyes will be opened to parts of your community and world you may not have known existed, and you will make change in ways you could not have done otherwise.

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