RSVP: Building Strong Connections as a Reading Coach

Submitted by: Molly Anderegg, RSVP of North Central Iowa Director

From the Perspective of a Volunteer:
One RSVP Volunteer who is making strong connections with the students he mentors is Jack Gannett, a Reading Coach at Lincoln Intermediate School in Mason City.  Jack states, “At the beginning of the year, I ask each student what their goal is.  Last year the students were very conscientious and in each case made progress toward their goals as we met together.  This year one student has said he wants to improve his comprehension and the other wants to be able to read for pleasure.”

It’s not always about reading; Jack said that recently, as they talked about their weekends, one boy shared that he had gone fishing and fallen in the river. The story provided another way for Jack to mentor his student by talking about everyday experiences and the life lessons they offer.

This kind of support and encouragement is invaluable to students.  They are fortunate to have Reading Coaches guiding them, even if they do not always value or appreciate it.  Reading Coaches, along with many RSVP Volunteers, are making a real difference!





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