50 Faces of Volunteerism – Shanna Northup

Nominated by Denise Martin, retired teacher in Mason City

Tell us a little about the volunteer:

Shanna is a mother of four young, beautiful children.  She lives in Mason City and is a huge “Walking Dead” fan!  She loves to be active and cares so much for others.  Shanna works for Cerro Gordo County Public Health.  She’s an all around great person!

Shanna was motivated to volunteer by good old fashioned, inexpensive fun!  She has spent countless hours volunteering through her initiated program, Mason City Rocks.  Shanna enjoys seeing so many families out in local parks searching for and hiding rocks.  Her Facebook page has grown to over 3,000 people who participate in this endeavor!  Members of this Facebook page have encouraged others by shear participation and bringing extra bags to help pick up trash while they are out rock hunting. Thereby, presenting the beauty of our local community and showing our young ones to care about their environment.

Shanna has incorporated a way to get families out and active in our parks.  Families are out walking, exercising and being active.  Finding/hiding painted rocks is fun for people of all ages!  What a welcoming way to introduce people to our community! Citizens are learning about parks in Mason City they never knew existed.  Even some businesses have joined in on the fun! This is truly amazing!


What is the primary (one or two) organization(s) they serve? #MasonCityRocks (FB page)


How long have they volunteered with this/these organization(s)? Started at the beginning of the summer. She saw a need and fulfilled it.


Why does this volunteer deserve to be recognized with a 50 Faces of Volunteers spotlight? While vacationing down South, Shanna learned of this in another community.  She brought this fantastic idea back to our community by counting on family and friends to help her get this website up and running, as well as participating in painting and finding rocks.  Never did she imagine how much it would take off and become such a success in our community!  She is truly an amazing person!


Do you know someone who should be highlighted for their volunteer service? Nominating is easy! You’ll submit a short paragraph or two about the volunteer(s) and their experience. The who/what/where/when (or for how long) and, most importantly, the why of their volunteer cause. We have provided some questions to prompt responses. It’s also strong requested that you submit a photo with your nomination. This is a great opportunity to help showcase a dedicated volunteer or volunteer group in your community! 

Ready to submit a spotlight? Access the online form here

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