50 Faces of Volunteers – Steve Serrot

Nominated by Sue Driscoll with United Way of East Central Iowa

Tell us a little about the volunteer: Steve is the Hawkeye Area Council’s Council Commissioner and has continuously gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the youth we serve within the Boy Scouts receive a quality program that Scouting provides.

What is the primary (one or two) organization(s) they serve? Hawkeye Area Council, Boy Scouts of America

How long have they volunteered with this/these organization(s)? 30+ hours/week for the past 10 years

Why does this volunteer deserve to be recognized with a 50 Faces of Volunteers spotlight? The value and impact as to what Steve has provided can be measured by all the 5000+ youth that are involved within our program. The role of the Council Commissioner is to ensure that all units within the Council are running an effective program and Steve has successfully developed and currently maintains an efficient Commissioner structure that provides the Scouting program to serve more youth within the communities. Steve successfully incorporated a new pilot program within the Scouting program into his own Cub Scout Pack called the Lions Program. This program incorporates Kindergartners into the Pack and engages them into the Scouting program. This program is designed to get youth excited about the Scouting program and Steve has certainly done that and has made it effective.


Tell us about a great volunteer! We would love to recognize them as one of our “50 Faces of Volunteers.” Volunteer Iowa selects one nomination to feature every other Wednesday. 

Nominating is easy! You’ll submit a short paragraph or two about the volunteer(s) and their experience. The who/what/where/when (or for how long) and, most importantly, the why of their volunteer cause. We have provided some questions to prompt responses. It’s also strong requested that you submit a photo with your nomination. This is a great opportunity to help showcase a dedicated volunteer or volunteer group in your community! 

Ready to submit a spotlight? Access the online form here

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