An Amazing Opportunity To Finally Put What I’ve Learned Into Practice – an Intern’s experience

Guest Submission by Alex Cory, former Volunteer Iowa Intern

On my first day interning at Volunteer Iowa, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. One of my goals has always been to work for a non-profit or an organization that I believe does lots of good for the community. While searching for an internship, Volunteer Iowa caught my eye because the opportunity seemed like it would help me work towards that goal. Using my communication skills to help promote the Get Connected web portal, a resource I believed in, was an exciting possibility. When I officially received the internship offer, I was ecstatic to start working.

During the interview, it was mentioned that there would be a lot of variety to my work, and that was a daunting yet exciting part of my internship experience. Learning to juggle multiple different projects while maintaining the high standards of Volunteer Iowa was a challenging and rewarding task. Believing that my work could help spread the volunteer service throughout Iowa was great motivation, and I found myself very satisfied whenever I completed something. I’m leaving this internship feeling like all of my communication skills are sharper for it.

My co-workers were all incredibly nice and welcoming, and despite my reserved personality they got me laughing more than I ever could have anticipated. I think working at Volunteer Iowa might have set my standards for offices way too high, because I can’t imagine a friendlier environment anywhere. For any future intern applicants on the fence: do it for the delicious celebratory birthday cakes. The ones Jody makes are the best.

Being the marketing and communications intern at Volunteer Iowa has been a fantastic, propulsive experience for my professional and academic development. After eight semesters of class, it was an amazing opportunity to finally put what I’d learned into practice and continue growing in a professional environment. I’m leaving this internship feeling prepared to graduate and find a job, and I’ve learned new ways to appreciate working in communications that leave me excited for wherever my career takes me next.

We are always looking for new volunteer interns to join our team!  Do you know of someone who is looking for an experience like Alex had?  If so, send them our way! 

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