Welcome Crystal Meier to the Commission!

This year, Volunteer Iowa sought a new Commissioner to represent the Iowa Association of Fostergrandparent and Senior Companion Programs, and felt lucky when Crystal Meier said ‘YES’! Crystal has already been working side-by-side with our team in her role as the Director of National Service Programs with United Ways of Iowa. We enjoy having fantastic skilled volunteers serve with us!

Here’s a little bit about our new Commissioner, Crystal Meier:

What about our mission and work really motivates you? 

The unique role that volunteerism plays in defining the character of Iowa. Volunteerism in Iowa is often times unrecognized by its residents…”we don’t volunteer; we just help out” is a phrase that I grew up hearing over and over.  Yet, indeed, these hearty selfless souls volunteered their time and their talents on countless occasions for their neighbors and complete strangers.  Through the Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service, we have given form and function to volunteerism in Iowa.

What are some of your previous volunteer experiences or leadership roles?

Past Volunteer activities include: Mason City Community Theatre, Board member and Board Chair, director and actor; Cerro County Conservation Board, member and Board Chair; REAP Congress delegate 2014, 2016; Association of Donor Recruitment Professionals, Board member and Foundation Chair; North Iowa Band Festival Chair; North Iowa Band Festival Parade Chair.

What appeals to you most about being a Commissioner with Volunteer Iowa?

Having an opportunity to serve at a treetop level! Gaining a broad perspective of the volunteerism role in Iowa life; contributing to the policies that promote growth and development of the volunteer sector.


Thank you Crystal for volunteering your time and talents to our Commission!  We look forward to working with you!

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