Unexpected Projects Lead to a Confirmation of the Future – An Intern’s Perspective

Guest Submission by Matt Lash, former Volunteer Iowa intern

News releases, social media planning and creating a communications/style guide. These things were not the top three projects I expected to be working on when I applied for the Public Relations/Marketing internship with Brianne at Volunteer Iowa.
At my interview, Brianne said these would be the three things that’d be focused on over the next semester and I instantly became more interested in the position. Not knowing what to expect suddenly changed when I met with Brianne and the rest of the Volunteer Iowa staff and realized it was all straightforward and going to be easy to talk to them and ask for help when needed, and it certainly was needed as the semester went on and I got busier.
Above all else, this internship helped me confirm my future career in Public Relations with an organization. Not necessarily with a nonprofit, government agency like Volunteer Iowa, but the work I did for this internship helped me realize what I’d like to do in the future.
Specifically, I quickly became a fan of creating social media planning/managing. During my experience, I was put in charge of creating the social media content for the “2017 Give Back Iowa Challenge” which was a two-month employer/employee service initiative. The social media content included posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for 45-days before the challenge, the entire 60-day challenge, and a few recap posts after the conclusion. Working on the social media content for this initiative really challenged me but also allowed me to use the skills I’ve learned through my class work at Simpson College to do the best work I could.

Any student interested in working in public relations, marketing, a nonprofit or volunteer work should definitely reach out to Volunteer Iowa and Brianne about the excellent opportunity that is being offered.

Do you know someone that might be interested in a volunteer internship position with us?  We’d love to chat with them!  Brianne.fitzgerald@iowaeda.com

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