50 Faces of Volunteers – Dr. James Pease


Nominated by Nancy Franz

Tell us a little about the volunteer: Dr. Jim Pease has volunteered for the last four decades, advocating for Iowa’s natural resources as an interpreter, instructor, writer and voice on many environmental issues and education projects. He has taught thousands of Iowans, written dozens of publications, and communicated through a monthly statewide radio program, TV segments, podcasts, and websites how to restore and protect natural resources. Jim retired from Iowa State University in 2008 and received emeritus status in the Natural Resource Ecology and Management Department at Iowa State University. He fully brings the resources of this department to his volunteer efforts. In retirement he has aligned much of his volunteering with the Story County Conservation by serving as a board member. He is currently serving his second term and has been the chair and vice chair of the board. His passion for the natural world is shared with others on Iowa Public Radio in his monthly wildlife program, “Talk of Iowa”. Jim is especially dedicated to enhancing Iowa’s biodiversity, wildlife habitat, and wildlife management through environmental education, habitat restoration, and science-informed decision-making. He loves to see people enjoying and learning from the natural world. He lives his volunteer commitment to Iowa’s natural resources every waking hour of the day by teaching, mentoring, and leading others to improve the quality of life in Iowa through improved natural resources!

Specifically Jim’s volunteering as a Story County Board member has resulted in acquisition of land to expand county parks and natural areas, expansion of Dakins Lake Park, and water quality improvement projects for Hickory Grove Lake. Most importantly, he has been instrumental in building a partnership to launch the Tedesco Environmental Learning Corridor – a county owned and managed park and water quality demonstration area in the ISU Research Park.


What is the primary (one or two) organization(s) they serve? Story County Conservation Board

How long have they volunteered with this/these organization(s)? Board Member since 2010 and volunteer since 1980

Why does this volunteer deserve to be recognized with a 50 Faces of Volunteers spotlight? Jim is a current day natural resource hero in Iowa. He is known across the state for his commitment to natural resources and the improvement of Iowan’s lives through interaction with those resources. In Story County, he has been a catalyst and front line worker for dramatically increasing the footprint and impact of Story County Conservation properties and programs over the last six years. Recognition of Jim’s self-less volunteer efforts is lacking. Volunteer Iowa can fill this gap and help amplify Jim’s important work for all Iowans.


Tell us about a great volunteer! We would love to recognize them as one of our “50 Faces of Volunteers.” Volunteer Iowa selects one nomination to feature every other Wednesday. 

Nominating is easy! You’ll submit a short paragraph or two about the volunteer(s) and their experience. The who/what/where/when (or for how long) and, most importantly, the why of their volunteer cause. We have provided some questions to prompt responses. It’s also strong requested that you submit a photo with your nomination. This is a great opportunity to help showcase a dedicated volunteer or volunteer group in your community! 

Ready to submit a spotlight? Access the online form here

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