50 Faces of Volunteers – Keith Erickson

Nominated by Bek Wright, Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity

Tell us a little about the volunteer: Keith has been volunteering with Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity for 2 ½ years. Before retiring and coming to volunteer with us, he was a farmer and custodian at an elementary school. Keith came to volunteer for us through his church, Shepherd of the Valley. Keith spent most of his time on his farm in a small town before moving down to the Des Moines area to be close to his kids. He works with a group of men from Lutheran organizations and churches that come out regularly to work on projects to help finish up the new construction house builds.


What is the primary (one or two) organization(s) they serve? Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity

How long have they volunteered with this/these organization(s)? 2 1/2 years

Why does this volunteer deserve to be recognized with a 50 Faces of Volunteers spotlight?

Keith favorite parts about volunteering are the friendships that he has been able to make and the fact that it is helping people. He loves to see homes being provided to families that otherwise might not have been able to ever have a house.

Tell us about a great volunteer! We would love to recognize them as one of our “50 Faces of Volunteers.” Volunteer Iowa selects one nomination to feature every other Wednesday. 

Nominating is easy! You’ll submit a short paragraph or two about the volunteer(s) and their experience. The who/what/where/when (or for how long) and, most importantly, the why of their volunteer cause. We have provided some questions to prompt responses. It’s also strong requested that you submit a photo with your nomination. This is a great opportunity to help showcase a dedicated volunteer or volunteer group in your community! 

Ready to submit a spotlight? Access the online form here

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