Be a Triple Threat: Volunteer to Help Others, Help Others Like Yourself, Expand Your Networks

Guest submission by Kristine Chung, Volunteer and Human Resources Recruiter for a Fortune 100 Company

It is not enough anymore to apply for a job, cross those fingers, and hope to get a call for the first round of interviews. You may think to yourself – What if I’m the most qualified candidate? What if my neighbor’s brother put in a good word on my behalf? What if I’ve done this exact job for another company?  

Still. Not. Enough.

Today, you must be a triple threat to get the job you want. It is more important than ever to show you are the right person, this is the right job, and this is the right time. With those we see on primetime television their triple threat is likely excelling at acting, singing and dancing. For those we watch in the NBA, they have mastered the triple threat of always being ready to pass, dribble, or shoot. 

In today’s competitive job market, to be a triple threat will increase your impact to get you closer to the job you want.

Threat #1: Find a cause you are naturally passionate about and volunteer to help that cause. Why: People are naturally better at things they care about.

Threat #2: Help other people who care about the things you care about. Why: You should be a mentor at things you’re good at (which correlate with things you care about).

Threat #3: Expand your professional and personal networks. Why: The more people you know increases your advantage of referrals. Good and bad. High risk, high reward.

Honing in on these triple threats will help you be ready to take advantage and come out on top of any opportunity.

If you would like to write a guest submission for Volunteer Iowa, please contact Brianne Fitzgerald, Communications & Engagement Officer at 515-725-3179 or by email at

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