Volunteering Isn’t Just for Individuals


Volunteer Iowa is excited to honor Webspec Design, an Urbandale based team of web designers, software and web developers, project managers and digital marketing experts who have been working together as a team to support local nonprofits and charities in their area.

Although the staff at Webspec Design all enjoy volunteering for different organizations and causes on their own, they are also excited about volunteering as a company and participating in dsmHack’s annual “hackathon” for the second year in a row. DsmHack is a nonprofit that helps bring together designers, developers and innovators to help solve community needs with technology solutions over a 48-hour period. According to Alex Karei,

“At Webspec, we have an amazing team of highly talented and knowledgeable people who are excited to jump at the chance to bridge the need that dsmHack has identified between technology skills and local nonprofits. Being able to make a huge difference in the lives of local nonprofits in just 48 hours is nothing short of amazing (and fun)! Team members were able to make relationships with their neighbors and grow both as individuals and as a team while utilizing their skills to help improve the community. Webspec values bringing on individuals who are passionate about what they do every day, and that shows in both their 8-5 jobs and how they choose to spend their time otherwise. As a company and as individuals, we’re excited to continue to donate time to dsmHack for years to come.”

To learn more about the Give Back Iowa Challenge and other ways employer’s can promote the value of service and volunteering within their organizations, click here.



What’s your 50? Learn more about the Governor’s Call to Service, and to find volunteer opportunities statewide. 

Can you nominate someone to be one of our 50 Faces of Volunteers? Fill out this quick spotlight form and help us recognize outstanding volunteers in Iowa.



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