Homeschooling Families Integrate Service into Learning

This week our “50 Faces of Volunteers” spotlight shines on a group of students who participate in a weekly service-learning program in Central Iowa. Homeschool Kids with a Kause (KWAKers), hosted by Community Youth Concepts, is a new group of homeschooling families who get together to integrate opportunities for service into their curriculum, emphasizing the importance of civic involvement and community engagement. Although they have only been meeting for two months, they have over 100 members who participate in online discussions and they have completed over 130 hours of service! Together, they have been able to host a craft night at a local senior center, work in a community garden, and more.

The Homeschool KWAKer’s learn that volunteering is fun and rewarding. Parents of students who participate in the program say that they are better able to discuss service and community needs at other times during the school day. According to Brandy Case Haub with Community Youth Concepts, “This group loves getting out in the community and meeting new people, and offering a helping hand or an activity that will brighten someone’s day.”

Thank you for your service, KWAKers!


What’s your 50? For more information about the Governor’s Call to Service, and to find volunteer opportunities statewide, visit

Can you nominate someone to be one of our 50 Faces of Volunteers? Fill out this quick spotlight form and help us recognize outstanding volunteers in Iowa:

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